To grow your book of business you need a unified set of tools

Our sales collaboration platform provides carriers and brokers with the right set of tools to collaborate during the small business sales cycle -- from beginning to end.

The right tools to achieve business outcomes

Drive New Sales

Deploy web storefronts so small businesses can instantly compare plans and rates, increasing exposure to your products. Equip brokers with powerful tools to share proposals, close more sales, and enroll groups hassle free.

More automation, less manual processing

Eliminate handwritten paper forms and let EDI and auto-filled PDF group applications feed into your system to provide clean data, avoid costly manual keying, and accelerate fulfillment.

Stay Competitive

Keep up with a competitive landscape that is rapidly shifting to digital distribution models. Be up and running in a matter of weeks with minimal dependencies on in-house resources. Go to market as a single carrier or as part of a multi-carrier strategy.

Broker & Small Business Satisfaction

Empower your broker partners with industry leading sales tools and meet today's consumer demand for a fast and seamless online experience.

Prospect more leads

Web storefronts stocked with your products so that new leads can instantly browse products and be routed to agents to close the sale.
  • Web storefront for each agency
  • Instant plan and rate browsing for visitors
  • Lead capture and routing
  • Prospect status tracking

Quote faster and track status

Quickly send multi-line proposals to prospects and track status. Get notified when the proposal has been viewed or approved. Save your most popular proposals for quick re-use on new prospects.
  • Medical, Dental, Vision, Ancillary, Individual
  • Fully configurable rate rules engine
  • Multi-line proposal generator (Web, PDF or XLS)
  • Save proposals for quick re-use
  • Track status of proposals with a consolidated view
  • Real-time alerts when proposals are viewed

Enroll with ease

Assign closed sales to your account team to monitor enrollment status and invite groups to self-enroll online. Batch enrollment tools to complete elections on behalf of employees with just a few clicks. EDI enrollment feeds and auto-filled PDFs so that clean and accurate data is delivered to carriers.
  • Employer and employee self-serve portals
  • Consolidated group enrollment to-do list
  • Online census with built-in validations
  • Batch enroll employees with just a few clicks
  • Assign cases to account team to monitor progress
  • Enrollment via 834 EDI, CSV, auto-filled PDFs
  • Fully configurable UW rules engine

Renew and cross-sell

Consolidated dashboard to work on upcoming renewals. Quickly see cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Send renewal proposals with multiple plan options. Easily enroll groups in new lines, make changes to existing benefits, and submit renewals to the carrier.
  • Consolidated view of all renewals
  • Make changes with just a few clicks
  • Seamlessly add and enroll new lines
  • Automated cross-sell e-workflows
  • Integrated BoB sync with broker dashboard

Measure with insight

Drive strategic planning with channel analytics that only a digital platform can provide. Understand consumer preferences, product appeal, and marketing program impact. Improve conversions and exceed sales targets.
  • Measure consumer preferences (i.e. bookmarks)
  • Understand conversion rates
  • Track sales progress in real time 24X7
  • Self serve analytics dashboard
  • Downloadable reports for import into presentations